100% PURE Beeswax pellets


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Golden Beeswax Pellets- 100% PURE- All natural-  AMAZING QUALITY



Conveniently packaged in a stand up resealable pouch. Pouch colour and style may vary.



This Beeswax is in pellet form which makes it extremely easy to melt and weigh. Available sizes are 100g, 250g, 500g or 1kg.



 These little golden beeswax pellets make creating your own balms and creams a dream and so incredibly easy.  Rather than have to deal with large chunks of beeswax the crude beeswax is just melted and filtered to remove any impurities, then dripped into small usable pellets making weighing and measuring so very simple. Golden beeswax pellets are a fabulous product to use when making lip balms, creams, soap, balms, candles and solid perfume bars.


 Suitable to use in creams, lotions, soaps, balms and candles because it soothes and softens.  Beeswax is used in a multitude of applications, from candle making to lip balms to leather polishes and moisturisers.


 Enjoy a healthy and natural life without impurities and unnatural products - Beeswax Is well known For Its miracle effects on the skin. It has amazing anti-viral, anti-Inflammatory, antibacterial and healing properties. Beeswax is rich In Vitamin A, which aids in cell turnover. Beeswax reduces wrinkles and age spots while moisturising your skin.  This natural wax produced by bee colonies can serve as an effective hydrating agent for various skin conditions and ailments. From lip balms and allergy treatments to remedies developed to address dry and irritated skin, beeswax can prove most beneficial. 


Colour may vary from the batch as it depends greatly what plants the bees have been foraging.


For external use only.

Packaging and label style and colour may vary.