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There is a growing awareness sweeping the planet about the benefits of transdermal magnesium via natural magnesium chloride salt products. Magnesium is used by the body every second and with every breath and beat of your heart.  We need it to drive our electrical system and so many other biological processes. It is as important as water is to life. If you want your cells to plug into energy, you need magnesium for that.



Elektra Magnesium® brand was the first to introduce transdermal magnesium products to Australia. Their range is made with natural and organic plant oils, butters and extracts (chemical free and no petroleum based ingredients), which are infused with quality food grade magnesium chloride salts. Their magnesium chloride flakes are tested in Australia, and at parts per billion show no mercury nor lead content.  That’s a really ‘clean’ top quality salt!  There is only about 15% of the planets’ harvested magnesium chloride which is certified food grade.  The rest is industrial grade, and a lot cheaper.  However, we believe it’s well worthwhile to only use the best for healthy lifestyle.  Your cells after all, are a product of what goes in.



From these prized magnesium chloride flakes they make the most luxurious magnesium skin care products, including four kinds of Magnesium Cream. This nutritious moisturiser is a skin conditioner, deodorant, massage cream and magnesium supplement all rolled into one. It’s gentle enough for babies and children too!  Magnesium Charge Lotion was formulated for massage of tense muscles and joints, or for exercise recovery. Their skin-friendly Magnesium Oil Spritz delivers the strongest dose of magnesium with a velvet feel and aroma of fresh mandarins. Any of the products can be combined in any amount, depending on individual needs.

Elektra Magnesium® products are designed to be a beautiful natural skin care support, relaxing muscle care, and a superior magnesium delivery system as well.  We need magnesium daily and foods are not delivering enough magnesium these days to help us replenish as needed – especially under conditions of high stress.   If we like how a product feels and smells, as well as how well it absorbs from the surface of the skin, then we are more likely to use it daily as a body care product and a rich source of vital natural magnesium.  It’s nutritious, easy and convenient to use Elektra Magnesium® products every day.  They work fast and they work well to support you and a healthy lifestyle.  They are also the best value-for-money magnesium products because, “We give you more…” Elektra Magnesium.


 Please contact us if you are after any Elektra Magnesium Products not featured on this website as we will be able to get them in for you.