100% Pure Castor Oil 500ml in Glass Bottle


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Castor Oil- 500ml- In Glass Bottle



500ml- In a Glass Bottle

For external use only



Castor oil is a popular emollient that can be used to soothe, protect and moisturise the skin. It is a wonderful ingredient to include in your creams, lotions and body butters to take advantage of this quality to improve the overall smoothness and softness of the outer skin layers. 


When used in shampoos it provides additional and superior shine and body. Castor oil is brilliant in liquid and bar soap.  When added to a soap recipe at only 2-3% it enables the production of a luxurious lather to be proud of. Castor oil is known for its great bubbles in ANY soap making endeavour, so be sure not to don't neglect this in your next recipe!


Our Castor oil is cold pressed and filtered to make it "first special grade"; a high quality, technical and commercial grade oil.  No hexane or solvents are used in its production.


Castor oil is thought to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, moisturising and many other useful properties. It acts as a natural acne remedy by fighting inflammation, soothing skin and fighting bacteria. Apart from its common use as an emulsifying agent, castor oil is very absorbent and creates a natural barrier on the skin, which can help guard it from harsh conditions. Applying castor oil on sensitive skin areas such as the neck and under the eyes can actually reduce the appearance of small wrinkles and fine lines.


Castor oil is touted as being incredibly soothing for arthritic pain when warmed and applied to affected areas, covered with cotton gloves then rubber ones (so you don't mark anything) and left to soak. Used morning and night great pain relief has been reported with some even claiming after a few weeks consistent use it does not return.


Castor oil is an affordable treatment if you’re looking to add shine, smooth flyaways, and condition your hair. The ricinoleic acid in castor oil helps lock in moisture while promoting a clean and healthy scalp—all of which are essential to hair growth.


HAIR TREATMENT TIPS- It is ideal to use castor oil about once or twice a week—simply massage a ten-cent coin sized amount of product onto your scalp and let it soak for anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours before rinsing it out, followed by shampoo and conditioner. For an ultra-hydrating weekly treatment, coat your hair with castor oil, put on a shower cap before going to bed (or use an oil pillowcase), then shampoo and condition  the next day. If you have very dense or coarse hair you may wish to try Jamaican black castor oil as an alternative which is on the thicker side. Whereas cold-pressed castor oil is great for all hair types. 


A couple of drops of Castor Oil can also be added to your haircare products if you have very dry, brittle, coarse or curly hair.


Botanical name: Ricinus communis
Country of Origin: India
INCI : Ricinus Communis Seed Oil

Vegetarian and vegan.



WARNING: Castor oil contains high levels of ricinoleic acid which can cause an allergic reaction on some people's skin. Your skin may be prone to irritation. If your skin is only mildly irritated by castor oil, you may be slightly itchy or develop mildly red skin. A severe irritation may result in an itchy and uncomfortable rash or even hives. It is recommended that a patch test be done first on a small sensitive area of the skin to determine if you're allergic to castor oil or not. It should be applied delicately and should not be used during pregnancy. For external use only. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.


Store below 30°C away from direct sunlight.

Bottle, cap and label style may vary.




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APPLICATOR BOTTLES- If you are applying Castor Oil to your skin, hair and scalp you may prefer our Organic option which is in an easy to apply applicator bottle (plastic). Please click here for that option.

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