100% PURE NEEM OIL- 250ml


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100% PURE NEEM OIL- 250ml in bottle

Ingredients: 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Neem Oil.

Neem Oil offers excellent hydration and a high source of antioxidants for personal care products including lotions and creams, soaps and body wash, hair and skin care products with moisturising abilities to soften and nourish ageing or damaged skin. Neem Oil is an excellent addition to personal care applications.

Key features:

  •       100% pure and cold pressed to preserve natural qualities
  •       Contains Vitamin E, other essential amino acids, proteins, and natural glycerine that are exceptional moisturisers for the skin.
  •       A great natural remedy for bites, scratches, bruises, cuts, lice, and fungal skin conditions like ringworm.
  •       If oil becomes solid, place in warm water until melted.

Neem Oil is often used in beauty regimens and skin care to: 

  •       treat dry skin and wrinkles
  •       stimulate collagen production
  •       reduce scars
  •       heal wounds 
  •       treat acne
  •       minimize warts and moles
  •       treat Athlete’s foot and fungal conditions.

Neem oil may also be used to treat the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and other disorders of the skin. Please consult a healthcare professional prior to use to ensure this natural treatment is suitable for you.

Neem Oil is also commonly used in products like head lice treatments, skin care formulations, soaps and cosmetics, safe fertilisers and pesticides, and much more.


Botanical Name

Melia azadirachta


Cold Pressed

Plant Part 

Fruit and seeds


Dark brown to green semi solid liquid


Strong, nutty, spicy




Suggested Use

Add two or three drops of 100% Pure Neem Oil to your favorite lotion, shampoo or conditioner, or apply a few drops daily directly on dry or damaged skin.

You can also mix a few drops of neem oil with aloe vera gel (please see our store), which also will be soothing to irritated skin. Neem Oil can also be mixed with any carrier oil.

Neem oil can also be added to a warm bath to treat larger areas of the body.

 Keep out of reach of children, and don't use if pregnant or intending to become pregnant. For external use only. It is recommended you do a small test patch on your arm prior to use to ensure you do not have any reactions (this is a recommendation with any new product you apply to your skin just as a precaution). If within 24 hours you don’t develop any signs of an allergic reaction — such as redness or swelling — it should be safe to use the oil on other areas of your body.