100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil


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Sweet Almond Oil Australia


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Sweet Almond Oil is a light, fine emollient oil that quickly penetrates the skin. Due to its skin softening properties and benefits to skin and hair. Sweet Almond Oil is one of the most widely used carrier oils available. This oil offers excellent hydration and a high source of antioxidants for personal care products including lotions and creams, soaps and body wash, hair and skin care products with moisturising abilities to soften and nourish ageing or damaged skin.  An anti-inflammatory, Sweet Almond Oil is an anti-inflammatory and may reduce itchy, dry and irritated skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. Often used for haircare , skin care, massage, aromatherapy and soap manufacture. It is also a great foundation carrier oil for creams, lotions,  body butters and balms. Sweet Almond Oil is great as an after-sun moisturiser.



Sweet almond oil can also be used as an important component in bath oils, shower oils and body oil and can be used directly on moist skin after bathing.  Add essential oils of your choice if you like your skin scented after your cleaning routine, or leave natural if you prefer.


Sweet almond oil contains glucosides as well as a range of vitamins and minerals to offer deep, rich moisturising qualities that may be beneficial for stretch marks, improve skin tone and leave your skin soft, well nourished and radiant.


Sweet Almond Oil Online 

Ingredients: 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil

Botanical Name : Prunus amygdalus dulcus

Type: Cold Pressed and Refined

Grade: Cosmetic Grade (not for consumption)

Plant Part : Nut

Country of Origin: Italy*

*Country of origin may vary between batches


For external use only. This is a cosmetic grade oil. Not for consumption. If you are after Food Grade Sweet Almond Oil for consumption, please click here.


Label design and bottle/ pump colours/styles may occasionally vary.


 Sweet Almond Oil Australia



Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.




Please note:


The above information provided about this product is intended to be educational in nature and not direct medical advice, claims or recommendations for medical use or treatment in any way for skin conditions of any kind.





For external use only. Not for consumption.

Not suitable for those with tree nut allergies. If you have any type of allergy it is advised to consult your doctor prior to use.


Like any natural product, Almond Oil could cause allergic reactions. As you should with any new product, perform a small skin patch test prior to use to ensure no reactions occur.


General Safety Information: Use caution when trying any new ingredient, including carrier oils on the skin or in the hair. Those with allergies should consult their medical practitioner before coming into contact with oils, butters or other natural products. As you would with any new natural product, it is recommended to do a small patch test on a small area of skin and wait 48 hours to ensure you have no reactions prior to using on larger areas of the hair or skin. If irritation occurs discontinue use and consult your doctor. Please CLICK HERE for some general information on how to perform a patch test.