Baby Calm Balm 150g- Magnesium Cream for babies and children


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Baby Calm Balm 150g- Magnesium Cream for babies and children

By Elektra Magnesium
150g Tube

Baby Calm Balm
Elektra Magnesium


LIGHT and GENTLE: SOOTHING and CALMING – for hypersensitive skin type and for babies

Baby calm balm for massage and skin care- Ideal for babies, children and even adults (this makes the most AMAZING face cream...perfect for busy mums who buy this for their baby and would love to also use a magnificent facial moisturiser. You need to try it to see how gorgeous this cream is!).


Relaxing, soothing, mild and gentle botanical cream with 5% concentration magnesium chloride salts (one teaspoon = 50mg elemental magnesium).


This ultra-light magnesium cream moisturiser can be used as a facial moisturiser for those who prefer a light cream, for those with sensitive skin conditions, or for baby massage and skin care. It is made with only natural and organic ingredients, including 5% food grade magnesium chloride salt, tested in Australia to 10ppb to ensure no mercury nor lead contamination. Free from GMO, synthetic chemicals, petrochemical derivatives, animal products and nut oils. Gentle plant oils and extracts, including apricot, rosehip, calendula, chamomile, natural vitamin E, cocoa butter, and mango seed butter provide soothing relief, moisturisation and protection to calm stressed skin and support recovery. A light dose of magnesium helps to support skin collagen and to attract moisture. A subtle floral bouquet of geranium, nerolina and fingerlime lifts the spirits and calms the mind. This cream absorbs beautifully, leaving skin smooth and supple. With baby massage it promotes relaxation and better sleep. 50mg magnesium per tsp.

Baby Calm Balm is a relaxing, soothing, mild and gentle
botanical cream with 5% concentration magnesium chloride salts
(one teaspoon = 50mg elemental magnesium).

Use as facial moisturiser for those who prefer light cream,
or for those with sensitive skin conditions, or for babies.

Babies need a good supply of magnesium. Transdermal magnesium is the best natural strategy to calm down and relax, to help sleep better and to thrive. Magnesium is essential for building of strong bones, brain development, immune system support, and electrical energy supply.


How to Calm Down Teething Stress with Baby Calm massage

During teething babies can suffer high stress levels due to inflamed gums. This can make them irritable and hyper-sensitive. One of the best ways to help bub relax and be soothed is to use transdermal magnesium, which is gentle, natural, safe and effective. Magnesium is anti-inflammatory, helps to relax from stress, and speeds up recovery from teething discomfort. Use one teaspoon of magnesium chloride flakes per small baby bath, or if they are using the big bath, half of one cup of flakes. Finish with a comforting baby massage, focusing on back and legs, using Baby Calm Balm.


Elektra Magnesium Calm Balm


The plant extracts in this luxurious skin conditioner are simply divine, with skin-loving Chamomile, Calendula, Geranium, as well as Australian Native Snowflower, Nerolina and Fingerlime. The cream is light and creamy – ideal also as a facial moisturiser for Mum! Its natural botanicals offer an uplifting aroma to soothe frazzled emotions and calm stress.

Note: Topical use only. Do not apply Baby Calm Balm directly to broken or abraided skin.


Baby Calm Balm offers magnesium for babies

Elektra Magnesium’s Calm Balm For Babies Is A Safe Partner In Your Family’s Health Care. Elektra Magnesium trust only in the best quality food grade magnesium for babies. Babies and the elderly are the most vulnerable members of society. Thus, Elektra Magnesium use only the best food-grade quality alpine salts in the production of our product range.


Baby Calm Balm Elektra Magnesium


What Sets Elektra Magnesium Apart Regarding Magnesium for Babies?

Babies are very sensitive to any harsh substances or chemicals. That is why Elektra Magnesium use only the purest forms of chemical-free, natural magnesium in our products for babies.

The Elektra Magnesium name has been a trusted brand since 2008. Their range of quality magnesium products is available at more than 300 outlets countrywide. You will find us at health food stores, chiropractic and physio clinics, body therapist centres and massage clinics.

The flakes Elektra Magnesium use in their baby products are gentle and pure. They do constant testing to be sure that their flakes contain no mercury or lead, and this is why it is gentle enough for expecting mommies and babies to use. It is also friendly to sensitive skins.

Elektra Magnesium’s magnesium cream for babies (Baby Calm Balm) is super absorbent and leaves baby’s skin feeling soft and moisturised. They created their formula to be absorbent to enter the outer layer of skin with ease. The magnesium minerals in this baby cream help the body to soothe and comfort the aches and pains of teething, as well as to help relax and promote better sleep, whilst leaving your baby hydrated and protected.

Benefits Of Magnesium Flakes

Elektra Magnesium’s food-grade magnesium flakes are a perfect solution to give a smooth and refreshing taste to your drinking water. You can also add it to your bath water for optimal slow absorption through your skin.

Oral hygiene can be very affordable without all the harsh chemicals usually found in mouthwash. You can make a very effective mouthwash at home by merely adding our magnesium flakes to filtered water (refer to recommended concentration). Shake the mixture to dissolve all the magnesium flakes entirely for an effective mouthwash providing electrolyte support for enamel, without the sting of a high alcohol concentration. It is a brilliant solution for oral care in youngsters, without any toxic chemical additives. The alkalinity and magnesium concentration in your homemade mouthwash is high enough to inhibit pathogenic bacteria, leaving your mouth feeling clean and your teeth feeling strong.

Mineral enriched water is highly beneficial for your cells and bone structure. Taking care of our mineral absorption is particularly important when we have older adults or growing children in our care. You can enrich your drinking water with electrolytes by adding only a pinch of Elektra Magnesium’s magnesium flakes to one litre of your filtered drinking water.

Diluted magnesium flakes are easily absorbed into the cells of your body, and your body can take up all this natural mineral goodness without further digestion.

Elektra Magnesium take pride in their range of products. So, they take exceptional care to use only the purest natural ingredients in all of the solutions we provide.

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Baby Calm Balm
Magnesium Skin Care

How Magnesium Skincare May Benefit Those With Psoriasis

Magnesium skincare products from Elektra Magnesium may be helpful for people with a variety of skin complaints, including psoriasis. Magnesium is essential for many functions of the body, such as helping your body use vitamin D. By helping achieve balance and optimal functionality within all body systems, magnesium can also help with a variety of skin conditions as well.

What You Should Know About Magnesium For Psoriasis

Psoriasis affects people of all ages. This skin condition, characterised by raised, itchy, pink lesions made of a build-up of dead skin cells, is actually an imbalance of the immune system. Here are a few things that you should know about psoriasis and addressing your symptoms with magnesium.

Psoriasis has numerous potential triggers. There are many different possible reasons for your psoriasis flare-up, including stress, obesity, excess alcohol consumption, smoking, skin injuries and infections, cold air, and more.

Magnesium is a vital mineral stored mainly in your muscles and bone. Magnesium is essential to the regulation of calcium and other nutrients as well as the activation of several enzymes. However, many people do not consume enough magnesium, so upping your intake and magnesium absorption may help if you have conditions or symptoms related to a deficiency of this essential mineral.

Magnesium may help reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. Adding extra magnesium to your routine in the form of topical skincare products may help relieve the inflammation that leads to psoriatic lesions, especially when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The other magic nutrients vital to your skin health and barrier protection are rich plant lipids (fats). The combination of natural magnesium chloride and plant oils and butters provides an ideal comprehensive ‘meal’ for your skin’s nutritional support.

Elektra Magnesium Baby Calm Balm

Benefits Of Elektra Magnesium Body Cream And Face Cream

Why use Elektra Magnesium? Just wait until you discover all the benefits of using these products every day. This isn’t about a separate magnesium face cream or magnesium body cream for skin care. Elektra Magnesium have invented a magnesium cream that you can use daily for both face and body as part of your healthy lifestyle. That’s right: Elektra Magnesium give you more! Here are a few extra benefits of using Elektra Magnesium Cream:

Elektra Magnesium products are all-natural. They use only food-grade alpine magnesium chloride salt in our all-natural and organic products. Everything they produce is free of harsh chemicals, lead, mercury and anything else you wouldn’t want to put in your body.
Elektra Magnesium provide a whole-body care system. Their products are natural and safe to use every day for ideal health and beauty. Make Elektra Magnesium’s magnesium skincare line a part of your daily routine for disease prevention, recovery from stress and all-over health and wellness. When your body feels good, happy vibes flow easily too!

Elektra Magnesium empower you to take charge of your life. They believe in helping their customers take control of their lives via magnesium nutrition to naturally alleviate pain or stiffness, improve energy levels, rejuvenate and find that youthful spring in their step again by finding the best products to suit individual needs.

Elektra Magnesium offer a wide range of magnesium-based skincare products catering for various individual needs, including different skin types and magnesium requirements, from babies and stressed parents to athletes and the elderly. There are also educational articles and videos explaining about the science of transdermal magnesium therapy and its benefits for those with magnesium deficiency symptoms. Whether you have an auto-immune disorder like lupus or hypothyroidism, or a sugar metabolism issue as in obesity, metabolic syndrome and chronic fatigue, or indeed any other stress-related health issue, you will find that they all have magnesium deficiency in common. Adding extra magnesium into your daily life can make a huge difference to your health and wellness.

About Elektra Magnesium

Elektra Magnesium has been operating since 2008, selling their products via chiropractic and physio clinics, naturopaths, massage clinics, practitioners, health food stores, selected pharmacies and more. They have over 300 retailers throughout Australia, USA and the UK. They design their products to support beautiful, healthy skin and overall well-being. They are passionate about helping people overcome a range of problems using positive, natural and organic solutions.

Magnesium Moisturiser

Help Protect Your Skin Against Ageing With Magnesium Moisturiser
Whether you regularly deal with excessive stress or simply want to improve your skincare regimen, our magnesium moisturiser can help you. This magnesium cream is packed full of nutrients that skin just laps up. It protects and nurtures the skin barrier, alleviating dry skin conditions, as well as acne. You can use it as a before and after-sun skin care to help skin recover with a healthy looking tan. You can also massage it into muscles to alleviate cramps – that’s all sorts of cramps including leg cramps and period cramps. It even works well as a natural deodorant. Please continue reading below to learn why it’s so effective.

Problems That Elektra Magnesium’s Magnesium Lotion Addresses
Magnesium supplements have long been noted for their health benefits both on and under the skin. Using magnesium lotion keeps the positive aspects of other application methods and enhances them in several ways:

Using this lotion can replace more than one part of how you stay healthy. It’s great for active people on the go that need more focus on muscle recovery and performance, or those that need more attention to joint care and flexibility. If you’re currently taking magnesium supplements but find that they upset your stomach, then this lotion may be just the right thing for you, because you just rub it in wherever you need to relax any tightness. In this way, magnesium can bypass your digestive tract altogether and make it easier to get the magnesium you desire. Additionally, you can replace your current moisturising lotion and deodorant, as this lotion is a three-in-one solution.

Your skin is at its most sensitive during prolonged exposure to the sun. Therefore, you can use this lotion to revitalise your skin before and after you spend time outside. This moisturiser may reinforce your skin’s natural defence against the risks associated with extended sun exposure.

This lotion can also help clear up skin blemishes and troublesome complexion issues. If you take magnesium for acne, the transition to this lotion may enhance the positive results you’re already experiencing. If you have excessively oily or acne prone skin, you can just dab a little magnesium lotion onto your skin. People with sensitive skin should use magnesium cream instead, as it has a milder concentration of magnesium.

Massaging magnesium lotion into your skin for muscle relaxation increases magnesium absorption rates and ensures that your body gets the supplement exactly where it’s needed.

Elektra Magnesium know you’ll feel the difference once you incorporate their magnesium lotion into your regular skincare routine, so make the switch today.

This magnesium lotion isn’t the only way that you can give your body this necessary magnesium nutrition. We carry several related products that can help you achieve your holistic health goals:

If you want something stronger that offers the benefits of transdermal magnesium, consider our special formula magnesium oil spritz. This heavy-duty oil blends a potent magnesium supplement with botanical additives so that the oil just glides on smoothly and can be absorbed into skin quickly without leaving any sticky residue or stinging sensation (as with pure magnesium oil).

Elektra Magnesium’s special formula magnesium oil smells like fresh mandarins from essential oils and is a pleasure to use, whilst adding even more magnesium nutrition for your body.

Elektra Magnesium’s magnesium mineral salt flakes give you unprecedented flexibility in creating home-made remedies to improve your overall health. For example, you can add these flakes to water and create a natural, chemical-free mouthwash that costs you far less than alcohol-based and artificial mouthwashes.

Elektra Magnesium take the time to conduct ongoing research and connect you with the latest science.

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