YaMate Lotion For Kids 250ml -Insect Repellant and Outdoor Skin Protection


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Yamate Lotion For Kids 250ml

YA MATE lotion for kids is the same as the Adults lotion but only has half the amount of essential oil content making it safe to use on infants and babies.


YA MATE lotion for kids is a beautiful hand made lotion using eco soya wax, organic coconut butter and soya bean oil. It contains 1.25% essential oils and recommended for tots over 6 months. Beautiful on their skin and can help soothe itches and stings. Always follow safety guidelines and check with your medical practioner before use on bubs under six months.


YA MATE personal insect repellent is a beautiful lotion made with organic soya bean oil, organic cocoa butter, eco soy wax, xanthan gum and my unique combination of essential oils and plant extracts.Feels and smells great to us but not biting insects! There are also the Ya Mate Lifestyle products including Ya Mate sprays, candles and beeswax burners. Always apply your repellent BEFORE going outdoors to keep you safe from annoying biting insects including mosquitos, midges, sandflies, leeches and ticks.